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For those who love pure, unadulterated, masterful rock ‘n’ roll, look no further than the “Best of the EssBee CD’s – Volume Two” by the fabulous Sprague Brothers. 

From their earliest recordings in 1990 through their highly acclaimed Hightone CD’s, the Sprague Brothers have forged a clear and steady path, as leader Frank Lee Sprague says, “Influenced by none, inspired by many.”  With their roots in hometown Wichita Falls, Texas, the Sprague Brothers travel the musical map, fusing their love for the music of fellow Texans Buddy Holly and Bobby Fuller with a touch of surf here and a touch of Merseybeat there, all blended into a superb and remarkable brand of rock ‘n’ roll uniquely Sprague.

Reviewers around the world lauded El Toro Records’ first outstanding roundup of EssBee recordings.  Vintage Guitar described Sprague originals as “uniformly impressive” and their music as “multidimensional.”  This second volume of “EssBee” recordings features songs from several albums previously released in extremely limited quantities.  High spots are many: Chris Sprague’s “Angelyne” is a chugging rocker, incorporating an insistent riff and sinuous lead guitar.  His “All Night Long” pays homage to Bobby Fuller with its impossibly catchy and upbeat melody and effective massed backing vocals by Frank Sprague. 

          The brothers tackle two early Buddy Holly rockabillies, the bass slappin’ “Down the Line,” and rollicking “Gotta Get You Near Me Blues.”  Both Holly and the Sprague Brothers recorded their versions at the Nesman Recording Studios in Wichita Falls, Texas.

          Known for innovative arrangements, the Sprague Brothers reinvent Frankie Ford’s “Sea Cruise” as a swinging rocker combining both country and British Invasion flourishes.  They turn the Everly’s peppy “So How Come” into a tender ballad featuring some of their most heartfelt singing.

          The rumbling, eerie surf of “Diamond Head,” and lightning fast guitar runs of “Pickin’ Peppers” once again demonstrates multi-instrumentalist Frank’s wondrous prowess at lead guitar.

          The Sprague Brothers treat fans of Merseybeat and early Beatles to a dose of their patented hit-sound creations such as Frank’s moving “If You’ll Be Mine,” and their ultra melodic “I Found Someone New Today,” in which the brothers swap lines and harmonize, all the while singing their hearts out. 

          This volume closes with a stunning acoustic cover of the Searchers’ “Goodbye My Love,” here sounding like a timeless John Lennon ballad.

Throughout, their music is fresh, inspired and inspiring.  There’s no doubt the Sprague Brothers love what they do.  You will too.

Look for the Sprague Brothers at the May 2007 Rockin’ 50’s Fest at the Oneida Casino in Green Bay, Wisconsin and at other venues worldwide in the near future! 

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