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The SB's all new 4 song EP is now available! Get yer twist on with Dragula, Batmobile, Return of the Munsters! Then sit back and soak in the fabulous harmonies of Frank and Chris on the new vocal song "Golden Sahara."
New LP "Merry Christmas, Traditional Carols arranged as Traditional Rock Songs" by Frank Lee Sprague (Chris Sprague plays drums on all songs) available now!

info on the new FLS album here!

The Sprague Brothers, April 2006

Sprague Bros on tour!
Check out the wildest rock'n'roll anywhere coming to your town soon.
Don't miss your chance to see the World class guitar playing and drumming of Frank and Chris Sprague in person!
(we hear that they sing a bit too)
The 2nd volume of Best of the EssBee CD's is now available!
The SBs will release another new LP this Year! Partae onnnnn!
DVD of the Sprague Brothers live performances and videos will be released this Summer!
Check out a sample on the "DVD" page on this site!
The Sprague Bros have released their all new albums!
"The Song" features all co-written songs by Frank and Chris!
"Changing the World, 1 Chick at a Time" features appearances by Randy Fuller, Edan Everly, and more!
Archived news: Be sure and tune into the Frank Lee Sprague Radio Hour in May 2006 to hear both Chris and Frank spinning their favorite records! The Frank Lee Sprague Radio Hour is on the air!!!
Starting Feb 8th at 12:00 Noon EST and then every Wednesday at the same time Frank hosts an hour of rock'n'roll radio! Party on.
The show can be heard by connecting to the stream for Alan Haber's Pure Pop on Live365:
The Frank Lee Sprague Radio Hour!

Ventures Guitar Legend Nokie Edwards with the bros! April 2006

Listen to Wichita Falls Records new PODCAST! There will be new shows added regularly so don't miss out. If you like what you hear then be sure to subscribe. It's free!!!

Here's the scoop: Changing the World 1 Chick at a Time, the all new SB's record is now available! Be the first on yer block to blast this cutting edge LP and annoy your neighbors. Check it out yo!
Hammer Down! A new CD by Chris Sprague featuring all Country, truckin' songs is now available on 18 Wheeler/Wichita Falls Records. Check it out on Amazon.com!
Wichita Falls Records is pleased to announce a new series of
Sprague Brothers CD's ! The "Best of the EssBee CD's" will reissue all of the songs found on the records released on the EssBee label. The first volume is now available and Volume II will be released in 2007. Rock on!
Ringtones are now available of your favorite SB's songs! Check out the link on our home page.
NEW CD now available! The Savage Sprague Brothers, an all new CD of Sprague Brothers recordings "from the vault" has been released on Wichita Falls Records. For those of you with an ipod, be sure and check out our new LP now featured at the itunes music store!

Featuring 9 originals and 3 cover songs.

      1.   Betty’s Got a Hot Rod               (Nelson/Wiseman)       3:15


      2.   Once Again I’m Fallin’               (F. Sprague)                  2:06


      3.   She’s An Adulteress                 (F. Sprague)                  2:14


      4.   It Doesn’t Hurt Anymore         (F. Sprague)                   2:42


      5.   This You Did                               (F. Sprague)                   3:16


      6.   Charlene                                     (F. Sprague)                    2:46


      7.   Everything I Have Is Yours   (Adamson/Lane)            2:56


      8.   In Your Heart                             (F. Sprague)                    2:09


      9.   The Invisible Man                    (F. Sprague)                    2:00


     10.  Two Hands In My Pockets    (F. Sprague)                    3:51


     11.  Nothing Matters But You      (Geld/Udell)                      2:00


     12.  USA                                            (F. Sprague)                    1:58



Another all new Sprague Brothers  CD will be released soon!

Check back for info!

An all new rockin’ Sprague brothers album will be released this year!

Remember, as your SB’s record collection continues to grow, that the Sprague brothers are ready, willing, and able to answer all of your questions on their FAQ page. Check back frequently for updates and news here at your official website for all that’s rockin’ in the new millennium, the Sprague Brothers .com!!!

“A new day will dawn, and a light will burn bright

But the pain will go on, ‘cause she’s made me blind.”

From the hit song “She’s an Adulteress”, available on

The Savage Sprague Brothers, Wichita Falls Records.

Like the break of day

Real Gone Rock'n'roll!

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