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On this page, we'll share some of the questions we've received via e-mail, & we'll also respond to the questions. Please get in touch!

Fred Burwell, Beloit WI, “I really like all the different guitar sounds you use, both acoustic and electric. I think the solo on "Come Back Baby" has got to be one of the most exciting and dynamic I've ever heard.  You've got the rock'n'roll feeling down pat yet the solos are also melodic. Too many guitarists showboat and lose that pure, (and economical), feel that come through clearly on all of your songs.  I was wondering about your production.  Do you use vintage recording equipment?”

SB’s “Thanks for your kind words Fred. Actually, my Fender Jaguar is vintage, & so is my Sears Silvertone amplifier. I use some old mics such as my AKG D190e that I bought in 1976, but I also have new mics as well. The actual recording process involves a mix of old and new equipment. It just depends on what the situation calls for. The main objective is keeping the feel of the music, so that’s achieved a lot of different ways. Vintage stuff is great if it’s used the right way!"


Sara Matthews, Hollywood CA “Your band has played all over the world. What was the most interesting or disasterous gig that you played?”

SB’s “Well the best gig that we played would be the Notre Dame festival in Wichita Falls. It was a gathering of Catholic girls schools from all over the area, (West Texas, Oklahoma, etc.), and there was over 10,000 screaming girls around 15 years old, and the stage was a bunch of bails of hay! There we were, up on this “hay stage” and when we put our mouths on the mics, we saw sparks! So we ended up playing an all instro surf set. The crowd loved it!"

Charlene Nowack, Los Angeles CAWhat are some artists you were inspired by?”

SB’s “Well, there are so many we’d have to include on a list

like that. For starters, you could include; Frank Sinatra,

Buddy Holley, The Beatles, The Ventures, Dick Dale,

The Sparkletones, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Borodin, etc, etc.

To try and name everyone that has been important to us without leaving people out isn't possible really. But we hope that our own style comes thru in our music as well. And the reviews that we've received have acknowledged our original style so we're happy."

Suzy, Rancho Cucamonga, CA “This isn’t a question, but I bet you guys don’t have the guts to post it in your FAQ section! I’ve been searching for you on the internet for a couple of years now, and I see that you finally have a website. Remember me? I’m the girl who was nice enough to let you stay at my house after one of your concerts. You said that your band needed a place to stay, so I let you because my parents were out of town for a week. Was I ever sorry I agreed to it! You ruined the carpet with your enormous amounts of food you tried to eat but spilled, you both used the kitchen and bathroom sinks as a toilet, & when I caught you, you said “oh, is that a sink?” Yeah, like you didn’t know! Speaking of food, not only did you bring in a feast from your beat up old van, but you ate EVERYTHING in the house! You also used my parents phone to make crank calls, and to call pay sex numbers. You both suck! Speaking of sucking, I also caught you both with my next door neighboor’s daughter, in what you later described as a “Sprague Brothers sandwich!” Gross! She’s only 19! What are you guys, like 30? Just cause I wouldn’t sleep with you, both of you roamed the neighborhood looking for “chicks” as you called them. You destroyed our house, you owe us money, and when we contacted Hightone, they said you owe them money too! Losers! What have you got to say for yourselves?”

SB’s “That must’ve been some other band. Write us with your phone number and we’ll go out sometime and talk about it. Oh, by the way, are you hot?”


Bill Griggs, Lubbock, TX "I've heard some crazy rumor about you guys traveling around the country with some mascot named 'Dimples' or something. And supposedly it's a racoon, or a squirrel. Is this just another vicious rumor?"

SB's "Actually it's a skunk, a human skunk! His name is 'Dimples', although those who know him closely call him by his real name; Skunky Brewster.

He's our roadie. And when we're not touring, he is a professional perfume tester. He has his own hobbies, and personal interests, such as; odors, smells, etc. He also told us that he is "Asexual", he'll have sex with anyone whose name starts with "A".

Chie Kodama, Tokyo Japan “Where do you live? Do you live in LA?"

SB’s “We’re from Wichita Falls, Texas. Our Family moved around quite a bit when we were growing up. Our 2nd home would’ve been Anaheim, California back then. Nowadays, we feel that we’re based in our home town of Wichita Falls, but our actual residence is in North Hollywood, CA."

Keith Slackman, Denver CO “What’s up? I wanted to ask you about how you write your music. Do you use a piano, or a guitar, or something else. Also, where do you get your ideas for lyrics?”

SB’s “We’ve used a guitar or piano, but sometimes there will just be musical ideas that go thru your head, and if you read music, you can write it down that way.  Ideas for lyrics are pretty easy to come by. We have a lot of interesting experiences to draw on, and there’s a lot of subject material that isn’t based on anything real that we write too!"

"him" was here

Art Fein, Hollywood, CA “What are you guys doing? Are you nuts?!?"

The boys are happy to take Hightones money, uh,um,
their proofs of the LP that is.


Real Gone Rock'n'roll!

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