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"If you can't rock, you'd better roll!"

The first recording that the Sprague Brothers released was “Real Gone Rock’n’roll” on cassette and vinyl EP. It featured all cover songs arranged by Frank. 1990



In that same year the SB’s recorded a 45 at Nesman studios, Wichita Falls, which had “Blue Moon Of Kentucky” on side A, backed with “Wishing” on side B.

1990 continued with the 1st full length LP recorded live at their favorite venue in Wichita Falls. It was at a jazz club owned by World War 2 fighter pilot Frank Goff, appropriately called “Frank's Place.” The SB’s first album was named “Live at Frank's Place & featured all cover songs. Vinyl only.


The next couple of years were spent mostly touring, but time was made for another LP release; “Surfing the Air Waves” featuring original and cover surf instros. DAT only. There were also 2 videos released which gained a lot of airplay including MTV. 1992

1993 “Live in the Van with the Sprague Brothers”  was a cassette only full length LP featuring such classics as “the Light Bulb song” & “Mexcellent”

The next couple of years were spent touring and Frank devoted time to his Classical composing. His first string quartet was performed and received high critical acclaim.

There were several studios used to record the first hightone album “Let the Chicks Fall Where They May” recorded in ’96 -’98 and finally released in 1999 CD & vinyl.


After more touring, including their 1st nationwide television appearance, the SB’s recorded and released their 2nd hightone album “Forever and a Day” named after Franks original Mersybeat song. CD only. 2000


Then in 2001 the SB’s recorded their 3rd LP for hightone, aptly named “Three”, which was not released until the SB’s returned from their first tour of Japan, & wound up being put out on the EssBee label, due to hightones lack of interest in rock’n’roll.


In 2002 the Sprague Bros  carried on with their next EssBee LP “Rockabilly”. Covers and originals, CD only.


Continuing with their onslaught of releases on the EssBee label, “Covers” was released in 2002 as well. All cover songs. CD only.


2003 “Instrumental Party” released on the EssBee label. CD only. All instros, covers & originals.


Booka booka booka boi and bok bok!!!

2004 “The Savage Sprague Brothers” early recordings from the vault. This was their first on Wichita Falls Records. CD only. It features 9 new originals and 3 cover songs all done in the West Texas style that the SB’s are famous for! Heavily inspired by Buddy Holley, the Bobby Fuller Four, etc.


2005 "Best of the EssBee CD's Volume I" The first in a series of releases from Wichita Falls Records featuring reissues of songs from The EssBee label records! Party hardy!


2006 "Changing the World, 1 Chick at a Time"
The all new LP by them there Sprague Bros! This 3rd LP on Wichita Falls Records features guest appearances by Randy Fuller, Edan Everly, and more! If your record player is rockin', don't bother knockin'. Word up!


Click here for info on the new LP!

2006 "The Song"
Features all co-written songs by Frank and Chris!


2007 Best of the EssBee CD's Volume 2!


2008 "4 New Smashing Songs!" All new EP by the leaders in rock'n'roll! Get it and get wiggy, real wiggy daddy-o.


Party On!!!


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REAL Gone Rock'n'roll!

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